HARDI’s Counter Specialist Certification Program is carefully designed to provide you with expert advice regarding the necessary knowledge and skills that a successful Counter Specialist should possess. This unique program offers you the flexibility to develop those tools by customizing the program, making it relevant and successful for your company!

In addition to looking at tenure and a core set of counter skills, HARDI’s Counter Specialist Certification Program focuses on five competency areas:

  • Customer Service & Sales
  • Wholesaling Business Knowledge
  • Product Knowledge
  • Safety & Warehouse Knowledge
  • Additional (customizable) Focus

The program features four levels of certification: Assistant, Associate, Senior and HARDI Certified. At each level, the program focus remains on the areas mentioned above. The requirements simply become more appropriate for higher levels of certification. Each certification level should take approximately 6 to 12 months. Once HARDI receives notification of completion, the certification will be issued.

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The Counter Program requires a subscription to HEAT.U coursework which is $195 per year. This registration will give participants access to the counter curriculum, the tracking/reporting matrix and access to the entire HEAT.U library & e-learning coursework. This can be used to fulfill all additional training requirements as part of the Counter Specialist Certification Program.

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