By Jon Melchi


Following last week’s email update regarding the Enforcement Plan from the Department of Energy for Regional Efficiency Standards, I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly answer a few Frequently Asked Questions, which I have received:


1.) Does the Distributor need to know the address of where the installation will occur?

No. The distributor is only responsible for noting the address of the purchaser of the equipment (i.e. contractor, other distributor, etc.) and, if applicable, the delivery location.


2.) Does the distributor need to maintain records for heat pumps?

No. The record keeping requirement only applies to central and single-packaged air-conditioners.


3.) Only the SW Region has a Regional Standard for single-packaged A/C. Outside of the SW, may I sell 13 SEER single-packaged A/C beyond the June 30th deadline?

Yes. Because the national standard for single-packaged A/C is a national 14-SEER standard and only the SW region has a regional standard, it is permissible for distributors in the Southern region to sell 13-SEER product manufactured prior to January 1, 2015.


4.) What steps can a distributor take to protect themselves from a bad actor customer/employee?

Provide training for employees and customers. DOE has created a public information brochure for installers and contractors, which many have recommended making available to customers.