FEBRUARY 25-27, 2018

The content for our Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Conference is intended to provide top-level executives with a wealth of knowledge to help their companies excel in our industry. We’ve meticulously designed the content to help guide executive-level decision-making throughout the short term and long term. Covering topics from acquisitions and investment strategies to company culture, the Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Conference helps position our industry leaders to maximize their companies’ success.


Executive $625 | Social $150

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The US Grant, San Diego

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Tim Pollard is the founder and CEO of Oratium and the author of The Compelling Communicator: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design. He is one of the world’s leading thinkers on advanced communication skills, particularly in the fields of executive communications, sales messaging and donor messaging. The thinking that he has developed at Oratium has been translated into a set of unique tools, which allow any individual or organization to see a renaissance in its executive, sales or donor communications.

“Designing Effective Executive Communications”

A Pervasive Problem: Despite its importance, most communication is shockingly ineffective.
We can all agree effective communications are one of the most significant drivers of success in business. We need our communications to drive action – to change people’s thinking and behavior. The problem? Typical business communications simply don’t. They’re too heavy on details and facts, too light on big and memorable ideas, and fundamentally, too focused on who we are, and what we do rather than on the problem an action solves for our audience. The result: communications that don’t drive the action you need, costing you, your team, and your company much more than you likely realize.

The Simple Solution: Design communications that align with the brain.
Contrary to what we’ve been taught, successful communications don’t start with a slide deck or great eye contact. Successful communications start with understanding and aligning with how we (and our brains) communicate, process information and make decisions. In this one-day program, participants learn: the six most common communications mistakes and why they occur, a comprehensive, proprietary framework for communications design that solves for these mistakes and a suite of simple, powerful tools and tactics that can be used immediately. In addition, each participant receives a highly detailed workbook, for immediate and long-term reference and trial access to the Message Architect™, our proprietary web-based tool for communication content design.


Richard Hadden is an author and workplace expert with a focus on Leadership and Employee Engagement. He is a co-author of the popular “Contented Cows” leadership book series, and the book Rebooting Leadership. His latest book is Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk. A former Information Technology Manager and college instructor, Richard has, since 1990, spoken and conducted leadership training for more than 850 audiences on five continents. He has appeared on CNN and MSNBC, and his work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Inc. Magazine.

“Contented Cows Give Better Milk: Your People…Your Profit”

Creating a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce is one of the best things you can do for your company’s bottom line. So it’s no coincidence that some of the best places to work – large and small – also happen to be among the most profitable. Richard Hadden, co-author of Contented Cows STILL Give Better Milk, helps business leaders make the connection between people practices and profit performance.


John Sileo’s identity was stolen from his business and used to embezzle $300,000 from his clients. While the thief covered his crimes using Sileo’s identity, John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s company and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail. In response, John made it his mission to help organizations and individuals protect the data that underlies their wealth. Combining real-world experience with years of study, John became an award-winning author, trusted advisor and keynote speaker on identity theft, cybersecurity, online privacy and digital fraud. John is President and CEO of The Sileo Group, a think tank devoted to helping organizations secure the data that drives their profits.

“The Hacker’s Blacklist: 7 Critical Cybersecurity Threats & Solutions”

The heart of good cybersecurity starts with the human beings that help it flourish, or fail.  To avoid becoming the next disastrous data-breach headline, you must foster a healthy balance between computer security and human behavior. Cybersecurity isn’t just about overspending on shinier technology – it’s about building a mindset and culture that evolves with the threats.

This crash course forges a high-level, non-technical path through the confusing web of cybersecurity, human decision making, network protection, mobile technology, the Internet of Things, social media and cloud computing—critical components of your information strategy. In this presentation, John will leverage his story of losing his business to cybercrime as a blueprint for how to protect the information that drives your organization.


John has over 30 years of experience in marketing, supply chain innovation, and profit improvement. He brings together a deep understanding of customer value and product life-cycle with his engineering and systems training to form ground-breaking solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Prior to being CEO of Profit Isle, John was co-founder and CEO of WaveMark, an internet of things (IOT) company that used RFID to track medical devices from point of manufacture to point of implantation in hospitals and clinics around the globe. He sold this company to Cardinal Health where the WaveMark capabilities are now part of Cardinal’s next-generation supply chain solutions. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President of Logistics at Staples. John joined Staples in 1987 when there were only 3 stores. During his years at the company, he led the building of Staples global logistics infrastructure to support over 1,000 stores. John’s responsibilities encompassed the people, systems and physical plants necessary for high growth and profitable operations.

“Managing Profitable Growth: How to Achieve Sustained Double-Digit Year-on-Year Profit Increases”

Managing Profitable Growth – successfully and sustainably – goes far beyond simply increasing prices and decreasing product costs. In fact, our work accelerating the profitability of over $100 Billion in client revenues demonstrates that maximizing gross margin is almost always unrelated to increasing net profits, and that in many cases increasing prices and reducing product costs actually reduces net profits.

This session will explain (1) how to develop and manage the most effective profit levers, those having the strongest sustained positive impact on net profits; and (2) how to successfully implement a comprehensive program to manage profitable growth that produces sustained double-digit year-on-year profit increases. The session will feature several actual case studies of companies that have successfully created and implemented programs to manage their profitable growth.



Sunday, February 25

6:00 – 7:00 PM Registration
6:00 – 7:00 PM Welcome Reception

Monday, February 26

8:00 – 9:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Featured Speaker: Tim Pollard (includes lunch & breaks)
6:00 – 7:00 PM Happy Hour

Tuesday, February 27

7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 – 9:15 AM Featured Speaker: John Wass
9:30 – 10:45 AM Featured Speaker: Richard Hadden
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Featured Speaker: John Sileo