HARDI Mexico Essential Business Toolkit

In order to assist the HVACR supply chain in Mexico, HARDI has compiled a “Tool Kit” of documents that help deem HVACR production as “Essential Business” in Mexico. Shown below is a Step-By-Step guide (with links to the appropriate documents) to use proactively to minimize risk of closure by Authorities.

Step 1

Document containing all stamps of every HVACR association in Mexico. This document shows solidarity with one another in classifying their respective members as Essential Businesses.

> Step 1 document


Step 2

Document to be provided to the Secretary of Economy and the State Governor where you have operations. This document shows your operation is in-line with the association’s letter from Step 1.

You will need to add in your company information in the highlighted areas to make it specific to your organization/operation.

> Step 2 Document


Step 3 & 4

These are Legal Documents provided by the Mexican Federal Government defining “Essential Business”. The letter in Step 2 proves they align with the Government’s definition of “Essential Business”

> Step 3 Document 

> Step 4 Document


Step 5

This movement authorization letter deems your employees as Essential Workers in case authorities stop them for questioning as they travel to-and-from work.

Your organization will need to sign/stamp the document to make official.

> Step 5 Document


Nuevo Leon Specific Step

If you have operations in the state of Nuevo Leon, you must visit this website and complete a brief survey that the state has mandated.

So far, six manufacturers have used the Tool Kit documents when the Authorities visited and were all deemed Essential Business and allowed to maintain production.

*HARDI cannot guarantee the application of this Tool Kit will alone prevent your operations from being closed but it will certainly bolster your case to remain open.

If you have any questions, need further assistance or would like to learn more about HARDI Mexico Membership, please contact Gui Messina.