HARDInomics is a monthly review of the economic variables that will influence our industry, supported by easy to read charts with explanatory notes, and brief commentary regarding the implications. The national economy will influence the pace of activity in the states where you operate but each state has its own cadence. The quarterly HARDInomics is comprised of seven regional sections with insights into the trends of each state and as well as the region. The quarterly includes an eighth section devoted to the overall economy. That macro section is updated during the monthly reports between the quarterlies.

Economist Anirban Basu provides insightful commentary each month and regional forecasts with the quarterly reports. In addition to being CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., an economic consultancy based in Baltimore, Dr. Basu serves as Chief Economist to the Associated Builders and Contractors and is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Construction Financial Management Association. That unique exposure to the pulse of construction activity throughout the country is why he is one of the select group of economists selected by the American Institute of Architects to support their nonresidential construction outlook survey. We are delighted to share with HARDI members Dr. Basu’s insights into the outlook for demand in our end markets.

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