HARDI believes measuring supply chain performance is crucial to the success of our members. With the help of many HARDI members we have agreed upon measurement definitions. As these standard units of measure are used throughout the industry, we will be able to calculate industry benchmarks.

HARDI’s Supply Chain Scorecard definitions are a basis for dialogue between distributors and suppliers. HARDI members believe evaluating supply chain performance will result in more efficient and profitable relationships between distributors and suppliers. Standardizing the vendor evaluation process for easier application results in a meaningful competitive advantage for HARDI distributors and suppliers.

The Definitions cover the following topics:

  • administrative measures
  • purchase order entry metrics
  • scheduling and expediting measures
  • shipping and invoicing measures
  • inventory policy measures


Moving from an active transactional relationship to one that is built upon measurable objectives can be a challenge and even disruptive. Implementing the Supply Chain Scorecard will improve operating efficiencies and create value throughout the distribution channel for those that use it. Distributors and suppliers will have a basis to identify areas for improvement, prioritize strategies, and measure the results. We created a Score Sheet that summarizes the initiative and can be a starting point for implementation at your firm. It may assist with your performance tracking and the identification of industry standards.

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We still need your feedback to continue developing these items. Please keep us posted with your implementation progress and ideas or suggestions for how we can help support the adoption of this process throughout our industry. The interest and support of the members while developing this has been very exciting. You have helped us create potent tools to craft a more efficient industry. Please keep us posted on your efforts by emailing Brian Loftus.