Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD) tool is the next generation of distributor performance analysis. This tool will help distributor members protect your profitability and maximize the resources available for customer service.

Operational improvement is a constant objective at all quality distributors where pre-tax margins rarely reach 3%. In this world where little things mean a lot, DPD helps distributors identify where their performance differs from the mean, prioritize areas for improvement, and devise effective plans to achieve goals.

After completing a survey (about an hour), participating members have access to a confidential report comparing their operating performance to the median results and high performing members across an extensive array of performance ratios.

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Why DPD: Core Dashboards

Easy to use

  • Multiple users with own passwords
  • Easy to print or export to excel

Valuable insight

  • Your data persists; see your annual performance trends
  • Recent DPD participants: log-in to see your results in this new platform
  • Presentation easily identifies opportunities

Comparison sets

  • Your performance within your buying group
  • Your performance versus similar sales concentration
  • Your performance versus similar size companies

What’s Your CoScore?

CoScore is a performance evaluation developed by CoMetrics over 20 years of benchmarking analysis.  It is based on a weighted average of key operating statistics chosen by your Analytics & Business Intelligence Committee.  The CoScore requires at least 2 years of data so can capture the trend of results.  Members are able to enter multiple surveys for multiple years if they desire.


To get started, contact Brian Loftus at bloftus@hardinet.org.

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Like all benchmarking services, DPD is free in exchange for your participation.