What are green shoots?

In the natural world, green shoots and budding leaves indicate the first signs of spring. In economics, green shoots are a sign that a recovery is near.

What is the product?

The Green Shoots Series is a bundled content stream that offers subscribers regular updates and focused analysis on the economic indicators that matter most to the industry. The Green Shoots Series includes:

Green Shoots Weekly

A weekly newsletter that provides subscribers with updates and analysis on the economic indicators most relevant to the industry. (2-3 issues/month)

Local Shoots

A monthly webinar that expands on the analysis offered in the Green Shoots Brief, and investigates how the recovery is progressing in the seven HARDI regions. (1 issue/month)

Green Shoots Live

A quarterly, live, Q&A style discussion for subscribers to ask the Market Intelligence team the hard-hitting questions on their minds. (1 issue/quarter)


Member Status Price
Unitary Report Participants (Distributors) Free
Premier Enhanced Members Free
Sustaining Enhanced Members $3,500
Contributing Enhanced Members $7,000
Non-participant Distributor Members $11,900
Non-distributor Members $13,300
Non-members $14,000

Pricing should automatically adjust in the shopping cart, based on membership/participation level. If you have any questions, please reach out to HARDI Team Lead of Market Intelligence, Tim Fisher, at

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