As your branches re-open, it is inevitable that customers and staff will seek additional assurances about their health and safety. It will be your responsibility to take proper care of your physical facilities. For that reason, we have developed a suite of resources for you to understand how to properly sanitize your branches, plus properly train and track the work of staffers designated for these tasks.

What you will receive: 

  • Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) which provide a thorough breakdown of the tools and techniques necessary to keep a location clean and sanitized
  • Basic “How To” training videos to supplement the SOPs
  • An acknowledgment form, to keep in your personnel files once cleaning expectations and responsibilities have been assigned
  • Daily checklists, for use in tracking the work once the SOPs have provided the necessary training (These might also make great customer-facing documents!)
  • Recommendations on supplies appropriate for the tasks of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your locations, as well as ideas for how you can source these items.

How this will help:

  • Assist in the prevention of COVID-19 exposure
  • Show your employees and customers that you are committing to the BEST possible facilities care
  • Establish clear training, communication, and auditing tools/guidelines for easy implementation within your cleaning teams


Get the complete package for $400 per company.

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For more information, reach out to Emily Saving.


Joel Craddock

Joel Craddock is the President of Doc’s Facilities Solutions. Mr. Craddock has over 30 years of experience in the facilities industry and has spent time working in operations and commercial janitorial services.

Joel holds a CMI certification in training also known as C.P.T (Certified Professional Trainer). This CMI certification is provided through ISSA, who is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide. By obtaining this certification, Mr. Craddock achieved accreditation as a professional trainer and is qualified to deliver CMI training as well as proctor and grade exams.

Disclaimer: This guide works to prevent the spread of germs and viruses but should not be considered sufficient guidance in the event an employee, customer or other person within the branch is diagnosed with COVID-19.