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All eyes are on the spreading COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), and distributors have an especially important task in managing the challenges that arise from the global health crisis. We’ve compiled this resource guide with up-to-date coverage on safety precautions, HR compliance, economics data, and all else that can help serve you and your branches during the outbreak.

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Have critical employees that need authorization to travel under a Stay-at-Home order?

Use our authorization form template



Voice of Contractor Episode 2: How to Apply for SBA Loans

View full podcast here



The Small Business Administration is offering loans to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can apply for the Paycheck Protection Program beginning April 3 through local lenders and the Economic Injury Disaster Loans at any time on the SBA website.

Be sure your bank is using the latest SBA PPP Application Form.


Check out our SBA LOANS: DECISION MAKING tool TO HELP YOU choosE which SBA loan is right for your business

Economic Outlook April 2020

By Brian Loftus

Imagine you are driving down the highway on a pretty day, listening to Jason Bader interview a HARDI member on his Distribution Talk podcast. Everything is fine but then something terrible happens. You have had an accident and are off the road, still in your car but badly hurt. Your mind is racing as you begin to comprehend the predicament…


Indoor Air Quality Products Take Center Stage

By Brandin Bursa

As humans around the world grapple with the fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is a renewed focus on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With this comes an increase in customer interest in products related to the air in their homes or buildings. Take a minute to learn about some Indoor Air Quality products & tips…


UnleashWD: What’s Government Doing To (or for) Wholesale Distribution and How Our Economic Outlook Is Shaping Up

By Tim Fisher

The CARES Act, a $2 trillion economic stimulus package signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, is best understood as being a compilation of different legislative buckets. Those buckets primarily consist of…



Have specific questions about what’s going on and how it will affect your business?

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If you have any best practices that have worked for you, please let us know so we can share and help others by filling out this form.


Industry Insights COVID-19 Survey: Key Findings

3/24/20 By Sarah Jilbert, Brian Loftus & Tim Fisher


UnleashWD: The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis

3/20/20 By Tim Fisher


Federal Resources for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

3/18/20 By Tim Fisher



Public Company CEOs: Do Not Misstate Your Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Difficulties

COVID-19 and the HVAC Supply Chain

HARDInomics & COVID-19
*HARDInomics is typically only available to TRENDS participants and Premier members. We are making March HARDInomics available to all members in an effort to support you in these uncertain times.


Voice of Contractor Episode 2: How to Apply for SBA Loans

View full podcast here

Voice of Contractor Episode 1: Interview with ACCA and PHCC National CEO’s

The Effects of COVID-19 on the US Economy with The Sage Policy Group


Indoor Air Quality Products Take Center Stage

4/2/20 By Brandin Bursa


Update: COVID-19 and the HVAC Supply Chain

3/27/20 By Tim Fisher


Make sure your contractor customers have the protection they need going into homes.

We have partnered with ISSA to connect you with their Distributor Members who provide cleaning and PPE solutions.

Check out their member directory here.


UnleashWD: 5 Principles & Mindset For Your Sales Team During This Crisis

By Brandin Bursa


UnleashWD: I’m Not the Company President: How A Frontline Manager Is Helping His Team Pivot and Stay Focused in This Rapidly Changing Environment

By Emily Saving


COVID 19: Peer Sharing and Best Practices

By Sarah Jilbert


How HEAT.U Can Help Maintain Productivity While Working Remotely

By Syretta Williams




  • Definition of Covered Employers
  • Determining my number of employees
  • Determining an affected employee’s hours worked and wage
  • “Stay at Home” and “Shelter in Place” orders and these regulations
  • What an employee must do to be eligible for paid leave
  • Employers’ responsibility regarding FFCRA compliance poster
  • What we know today about tax relief and credits available to employers
For info on how this affects your business, click here

Misc Workplace Concerns



What Should Marketers Be Saying/Doing Right Now?

By Chris DeBoer


Industry Event Updates


HARDI Branch Manager Workshop  | Postponed to September 29-30, 2020
ELEVATE2020 Women in Industry Spring Conference | April 21-23, 2020 | Canceled
BLUE HAWK Annual ConferenceVirtual Only


AHRI Spring Meeting | May 18-20, 2020 | Canceled



What constitutes an “essential vs. non-essential” business?

We know from already released guidance from various shelter-in-place orders that governments are supporting HVACR as essential. The HVACR industry cosigned this letter calling for technicians and engineers (and by association wholesalers that supply them) to be essential. See our blog post for further details from Director of Government Affairs, Alex Ayers. We will continue to update the blog post as we get more information.

If your area is developing plans to implement shelter-in-place orders, please share with them the CISA memo and our industry letter to ensure your business is considered essential.

You may also provide a ‘Critical Industry Employee Authorization to Travel’ letter (template) to your employees.

Keep track of state-by-state policies with this policy tracker.

What can be done to protect my Counter Specialist Employees from exposure yet still allow me to run my business?
Check out this video with insights from HR Consultant Pam Krivda. Pam suggests creating distance between the employees and customers, have a sign welcoming customers and asking them to limit physical contact (no handshaking), consider self-serve Will Call with a limited number of employees managing the area, and delivery. Other best practices include having the customer swipe their own credit card, have hand sanitizing gel available on the counter, and take away any chairs around the counter area to limit time at the branch location.
What do I do if one of my branch employees tests positive?

Check out this video with insights from HR Consultant Pam Krivda. Scroll to the 1:09 mark. Pam suggests sending the employee home, sealing off areas they came into contact with, and having someone fully protected clean the area with approved cleaning supplies.

  • Please work with your state and local governments as their may be closure mandates and other guidelines your company must follow in the event of a positive case of COVID-19.
  • CDC has released guidelines on how to clean a facility that has had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in it and recommends all employees that came in contact with the infected employee to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Remember employers need to follow confidentiality laws relating to health issues, so if someone does become sick it cannot be announced who it is without getting the employees permission. 
  • Flip crews and send everyone on the current crew home for quarantine. 
  • Shut down, quarantine and clean extensively.
  • Keep employee isolated at home and investigate others that could have exposed and send them home for 14 days.
  • Furloughed a back up crew to be available if such an event should happen. Have employees available from other locations if necessary.
  • Close office, work from home, hire cleaning crew and re-evaluate office.
  • Team on duty will quarantine with pay. A review of sales for the day will reveal who else may have been exposed during curbside pick-up. Professional cleaning team will come in before reopening.
What are best practices of other distributors? What are other distributors doing?

We partnered with Industry Insights to get a feel for the current state of wholesale distribution during the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to our members who participated and provided key insights last week into how this virus has affected them and their business. We combed through the data to pull out findings that pertain directly to the HVACR industry to help you proceed through this time. View Industry Insights’ Executive Summary, and read our blog post for details on how HVACR businesses have been affected, the financial impact of the virus, and best practices from peers.

Our Account Manager for Wholesalers, Sarah Jilbert, has also put together the best practices she has heard from members. Find it here.