The mission of this council is to create and promote quality sales skill enrichment programs and content that achieve industry-leading sales performance for HARDI members. 


The long-term vision of the Sales Council is to be a collaborative partner in the HARDI organization with the goal of providing sales guidance to our HARDI members. Council members, consisting of representatives from Distribution, HVAC Manufacturers and HVAC Sales Representative agencies, have a primary focus of HVAC sales and distribution in their daily roles. Seeking the greatest challenges facing membership sales teams, the council will work collectively amongst member partners to provide information designed to enhance the efforts and success of all HARDI member distributors, as well as sharing best practices along with trends in the sales field. Additionally, the Sales Council will share new ideas while providing guidance and assistance to HARDI leadership in designing quality and vetted content for the annual HARDI conference as well as offer a sales track at the annual FOCUS conference.

This is the newest HARDI Council currently being constructed. Any interested members can contact Chris DeBoer at for information.



Brian Newport, The Habegger Corporation

Vice Chair

Paul Harms, cfm Distributors, Inc.