This council is dedicated to delivering resources and support to fuel HARDI members’ success in human resources management and organizational development.

The team provides day-to-day and strategic insights, support, information and guidance on topics such as:

  • benefits and wellness
  • compensation, rewards and recognition
  • compliance and guidance
  • current and relevant HR challenges and sharing organization development best practices
  • employee relations
  • employee retention and engagement
  • recruitment, selection and onboarding
  • safety matters
  • talent management and succession planning
  • training and development

Among the many benefits of being a council member, there is the opportunity to build and maintain support networks, in addition to others within the industry.

Sometimes HARDI’s Human Resources team needs the assistance of HARDI Council members. We ask that all HARDI’s Council members make it a priority to contribute when these issues arise.

The Human Resources Council is responsible for guidance on relevant content for Strategic Leadership & Human Resources topics at HARDI conferences and Emerging Leaders programs.


Informational Webinar

Human Resources Time-stamp – 35:32



Open (Syretta Williams assuming role)

Vice Chair

Open (Syretta Williams assuming role)


Ideal Member

HR Expert/HR Manager/Director, or someone who deals with HR related issues in their day-to-day job. Long tenure in HR is not required. Members should also have a willingness to idea-share with the group.

Membership Requirements

Being able to participate in the monthly call. All member types are accepted. Experience in HVACR is not required.

Meeting Times

Monthly phone call, every second Wednesday of the month at 3PM EST.


If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Syretta Williams at