HARDI’s councils and subcouncils were developed to identify and address challenges facing the industry and work with HARDI management and member councils to provide knowledge-based solutions in the interest of advancing the science of wholesale distribution.

HARDI’s councils meet in-person twice annually and hold periodic conference calls throughout the year. A portion of the agenda at the Annual Conference is dedicated to meetings of each council to discuss current and future projects.


Starting in 2019, HARDI Councils will each have one Chair and one Vice Chair. Each leadership position entails a 3-year term, and the nomination and vote process is facilitated by the Council roster with the HARDI staff liaison. For more information on leadership duties and election process, see the HARDI Council Structure Guide.

Council Resources

HARDI Council Structure Guide


All HARDI Council member must maintain a working knowledge of HARDI’s anti-trust guidelines and actively prevent violations.


Please contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328, or visit the respective Council page below and contact the listed HARDI staff liaison.