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Did you know that there are over 10,000 bills introduced in a two-year Congressional session? In this whirlwind of policy ideas, members of Congress and their staff find it nearly impossible to differentiate between what’s helpful and what’s harmful to the people they represent. They need a little help — and that’s where you come in.   Read full article

The following article is a guest blog post from Brandon Bateman, Director of Product & Supply Chain at Airefco, a HARDI distributor member based in Oregon.   Go to Article —>  

The following article is a guest blog post from Devin Ferriera of HMI Performance Incentives, a HARDI Proven Vendor.   Go to Article —>

The following letter was written by Richard Cook, of HARDI member Johnson Supply, to the editor of the Star Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas) in response to an article attacking LIFO published last month.   I write to you in response to the April 24th article in the Star-Telegram, which details Congressman Roger Williams’ support of the Last In, First Out (LIFO) inventory accounting method. As someone who is deeply aware of LIFO, its utilization, benefits…

by Nancye Combs   HARDI members,   Now and then I write something that I know will have great value to you. If you’re like most companies, you struggle with all things related to discipline. With very liberal laws concerning weapons, recordings, and postings, each disciplinary act can be costly or deadly. Workplace homicide is still one of the top four reasons employees are killed on-the-job and management is most at risk following discipline.   You are also…

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