Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

In March 2018 new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from nearly all foreign sources was implemented. These new tariffs, 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, have already had an impact on the cost of HVACR products. Currently Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and South Korean imports of steel and aluminum are exempt from the tariffs. We expect the finalized renegotiation of NAFTA to also exempt steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico.

Letter to Secretary Ross

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President Trump announced plans to increase Chinese tariffs on many HVACR products starting on October 1, 2019. Many of the products that currently have 25 percent tariffs will increase to 30 percent. Additionally, products on the latest round of tariffs that were originally set to begin on September 1, will be set at 15 percent instead of 10 percent.

HVACR Products & Supply Tariffs

The rounds of tariffs announced in June and July of 2018 include many specifically listed HVACR equipment and parts. For products listed on June 15, 25 percent tariffs were implemented on July 6 and August 23. For products listed on July 17, a 10 percent tariff will begin on September 24 before increasing to 25 percent in 2019. This will result in prices increases across the vast majority of HARDI member products.

On September 18, an additional round of tariffs was announced, affecting more than 25 additional HVACR products and parts. These are included in the updated tariffs list linked below.