2023 STANDARDS

    The DOE is set to increase regional SEER/EER requirements for Air-conditioners and HSPF ratings for Heat Pumps starting on January 1, 2023. The table below shows the upcoming requirements:

    Product class North Southeast Southwest Nationwide
    Split-System Air Conditioners with a Certified Cooling Capacity <45,000 Btu/h 14 15 15 12.2/10.2*
    Split-System Air Conditioners with a Certified Cooling Capacity ≥45,000 Btu/h 14 14.5 14.5 11.7/10.2*
    Split-System Heat Pumps 15 8.8
    Single-Package Air Conditioners 11.0 14
    Single-Package Heat Pumps 14 8.0
    Space-Constrained Air Conditioners 12
    Space-Constrained Heat Pumps 12
    Small-Duct High-Velocity Systems 12

    *The 10.2 EER amended energy conservation standard applies to split-system air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio greater than or equal to 16.

    Effective August 15th, 2017 records must be maintained by installing contractors for the installation of Central Air-Conditioners (In the South and Southwest) and Single-Package Air-Conditioners (In the Southwest Region). The following information must be maintained for four years by contractors:

    Split-system Central Air Conditioners

    (Contractors must maintain the following for both the condensing unit and indoor unit, not including uncased coils sold as replacement parts)

    • Manufacturer
    • Model Number
    • Serial Number
    • Date unit was purchased
    • Contact information from whom the unit was purchased
    • Date the unit was sold
    • Contact information of the purchaser (name/ address/ phone number).
    • Installation AddressSingle Package Air Conditioners

    DOE Regulation Signage

    HARDI has created a storefront for members to order signage that can be placed within your storefronts to show all necessary measures are being taken to ensure compliance.


    Additional Compliance Measures

    HARDI advises members that a key compliance strategy will be the continued education of customers and employees. Some companies have taken the additional step of including compliance language on packing slips or invoices. Among the versions we have seen:

    “By accepting this product, I agree that it will be installed in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements.”

    “This product may be subject to Regional Efficiency Standards. Please refer to the Energy Guide label or to ensure compliance.”

    “By accepting this product, I agree that (Insert Company) has informed me of any restrictions regarding installation requirements of Regional Efficiency Standards and take sole responsibility for the future sale and/or installation of this unit.”