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HARDI Advocacy efforts are centered around specific key issues relevant to the HVACR industry, wholesale distribution, and family & small businesses. The primary objective of HARDI Advocacy is to educate elected officials on legislative and regulatory issues that specifically affect HVACR distributor members, their customer base, or the products they supply.

Hydroflourocarbon (HFC) Phase-down/Kigali Amendment

The HVACR industry is heavily invested in the development, distribution, sale, and installation of new refrigerants and phasing down the use of HFCs. HARDI supports legislation to phase down the production of HFCs over a scheduled period of years. Learn more about how you can take action to influence federal change, see which states have already begun to take action, and get more information about EPA Snap 20/21 updates.

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Tariffs & Trade

The frequent changes in trade agreements and tariffs can make it difficult to keep up with the changes that affect your business. Learn which tariffs have an impact on the HVACR industry and stay up to date on all Tariff & Trade changes, including steel & aluminum tariffs and trade agreements with China.

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Small Business Tax Issues

Learn more about tax issues including Tax Cut Permananence within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Estate Tax Repeal and how to take action on these issues that disproportionately impact small and family-owned businesses. You can also learn more about changes to Maintaining LIFO and the Qualified Improvement Property Fix.

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Workforce Issues

Discover how issues like the Drive Safe Act, Workforce Recruitment, and Industry Recognized Apprentice programs can help grow your business and learn how you can take action and help HARDI improve the HVACR industry and attract more students and young workers.

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California Issues

Even if your business is not directly located in California, issues that generate in this state can still affect your customers and products.  Stay up to date on issues like the California Consumer Privacy Act, Proposition 65 (regarding clear labeling practices), and the Zero-Emission Trucking Proposal.

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DOE Regional Standards

Find resources to ensure compliance with DOE Regulations including signage and compliance language to educated employees and customers. Learn which records need to be maintained and what to expect for the 2023 Standard changes for SEER/EER requirements.

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