In 2013, HARDI partnered with Better DataSM, a service of D&R International, to introduce the Unitary Market Share Reports. Distributors are able to report their data in minutes and receive market-specific unitary sales breakdowns. Better DataSM performs all cross-referencing to produce regional unitary sales reports each quarter. HARDI distributor members can receive timely and granular data at no cost by simply reporting monthly unitary sales by model and branch number – a process that D+R can work with your IT department to potentially automate.

HARDI’s goal is to provide complete residential HVAC unitary sales reports for every major U.S. market with breakdowns of unitary sales by efficiency level, equipment type (ducted vs. ductless), and refrigerant type in a scalable manner capable of expansion to other attributes as deemed necessary by HARDI’s HVAC Systems & Equipment Council.

In exchange for reporting their unitary sales data, distributor members receive a quarterly report with detailed analysis of their performance within their own operating regions, and deeper analysis in an annual report early in the calendar year. Other HARDI members can subscribe at significant members-only discounts.


Questions about the Unitary Market Share report should be directed to Brian Loftus at bloftus@hardinet.org.