HARDI’s Talent Team worked with its members to create position-based e-learning course bundles called tracks, which will change the way you think about e-learning. Looking to train your outside sales team? Enroll them in the Outside Sales track, which contains coursework on key account selling, negotiation skills, communication and time management. What about your Purchasing Manager? You’re just a few minutes away from expert training on evaluating supplier performance, managing supplier relationships, finding sources of supply, leadership skills and more.

Each track is composed of position-specific courses that increase from foundational knowledge to more advanced concepts, and contain a minimum of 20 credit hours of e-learning, with one set price per track, per learner.

Whether you are looking to train one employee or twenty, this is the most cost-effective e-learning solution ever offered by HARDI. Don’t wait to get started.



The value in experience comes from expertise. These tracks help employees develop that expertise, to perform better in their duties through vetted training, or to grow into a position they are pursuing or you are developing them toward.


1-9 tracks: $250 each | 10+ tracks: $225 each


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