HARDI’s Branch Manager Certification Program is carefully designed to provide the necessary tools, structure and support for branch managers to make enduring performance gains, achieve results, and generate a clear ROI.

HARDI’s Branch Manager Certification Program focuses on four competency areas:

  • Leadership
  • Sales & Service
  • Financials
  • Operations


Phase Three Workshop: September 27-28, 2018 in Columbus, OH


HARDI’s Branch Manager Certification Program is priced in two intervals, giving sponsors the opportunity to evaluate a participant’s initial progress, motivation levels, and improvement prior to the transition to the final two phases.

The first payment enables participants to complete Phases I and II: the assessments and e-learning portions of the program. The second and final payment entitles participants to move on to Phases III and IV: the instructor-led workshop and six-month coaching series. HARDI offers a discount for multiple enrollees, as shown below.

Phases 1 & 2

Number enrolled: Enrollment Fee
1 – 4 $400 per participant
5 + $350 per participant

Phases 3 & 4

Number enrolled: Enrollment Fee
$1,300 for first participant
$1,250 for each additional participant
**Fees valid for sessions conducted the same month.


Contact HARDI by phone or email for more information and to enroll.

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