It’s almost impossible today to engage in a conversation with a HARDI member about his or her business that doesn’t center, to a large degree, on issues and opportunities related to people.  From where our members should go to find them, to retaining and developing them, getting the best from them, and more.  These are conversations we are happy to be having. HARDI firmly believes that Human Capital Management, or the strategic management of employees as profit-generating resources of the company, is a key ingredient in the successful future of this industry.

To that extent, we are proud to announce that the HARDI Education pillar, which has always been a core HARDI service, will widen its scope with the launch of our new pillar: HARDI Talent.

You’ve come to expect exceptional training and development solutions from HARDI. With the launch of HARDI Talent, we’re confident that you’ll come to look to us for the highest quality Human Resource support.


Consideration of adding headcount, re-aligning responsibilities, or creating new positions at your company is no small decision. Questions arise about job descriptions, insurance, compensation, and your handbook, work rules and policies. Let our resources help you navigate through these decisions.


Taking on a new employee is no small feat: from job postings and recruiting tactics to interviewing and selection, and all points in between. Similarly, reductions in workforce are equally complicated, whether you’re dealing with a retirement, and involuntary termination or succession planning.


New employees need a lot of attention. However, studies show that an effective onboarding program help reduce turnover, reduce ramp up time for new employees, and overall increase new employee satisfaction.
Check out HARDI’s onboarding curriculum to help get your new employees up to speed in no time!


Getting the performance you want from your employees is a never ending process, involving goal-setting, coaching, and both formal and informal performance feedback conversations. Help maximize your employees’ contribution to your organization with some of HARDI’s tools. Check out HARDI’s performance management curriculum to help maximize your team’s productivity, accuracy and quality!


Professional development is essential for the growth of any HVACR distributor. HARDI offers a wide range of online, in person, and workbook-based resources to help your employees thoroughly understand all facets of the distribution industry. Distributor profitability, HVACR systems and components, cross and upselling strategies, leadership, management are just some of the educational programs we provide.