This committee provides a focus for the needs and concerns of HARDI’s supplier members. Its mission is to provide a forum for supplier members to discern what HARDI is or could be doing and make recommendations to the association. The Supplier Members Committee also discusses the possibilities of engaging with wholesale members on useful programs and activities.

The Supplier committee provides an inside track for wholesale distributors to collaborate with suppliers in the HARDI Channel. Our committee’s focus is to bring best practices between the Supplier and Wholesaler together to improve efficiencies.

Sometimes HARDI’s Supplier Member team needs the assistance of HARDI Committee members. We ask that all of HARDI’s Committees and Council members make it a priority to contribute when these issues arise.

The Supplier Committee will also assume the responsibility of incorporating manufacturer logistics and operations leadership into the Supply Chain & Operations Committee and the Supply Chain & Operations Focus Conference.


All leadership positions are held for a term of 2 years. After the term, current committee members will identify possible replacements to the board from within the Supplier Membership. The current members will fill the role of nominating committee and present the possible candidates to the full membership for a vote.


Ruth Ann Davis, Williams Furnace

Vice Chair

Matt McGrath, Parker-Sporlan

Membership Chair

Jeff Dahm, White-Rodgers

Booth Chair

Justin Merrit, IR Energy Inc.

Advocacy Chair

Patti Ellingson, Cooper-Atkins Corp.


Ideal Member

A Supplier Committee member should be an active participant at HARDI functions, voice his or her opinions and ideas at open meetings and provide positive feedback for advancing the relationship of Supplier and Wholesaler. Skillsets required are a good understanding of the working relationship between the Supplier and Wholesaler.

Membership Requirements

Supplier member/member company must be a listed HARDI member/member company during the calendar year of the term(s) served.

Meeting Times

Conference calls throughout the year as needed.


If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Brandon Baulo at

Interested in PARTICIPATING?

Contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328.

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