This committee is dedicated to delivering resources and support to fuel HARDI members’ success in recruiting and developing human capital. This includes building and maintaining support networks for committee members themselves, in addition to others within the industry. The committee has identified a priority list for ways they are working to contribute value to the industry: recruitment and selection, onboarding, employee retention and engagement and succession planning.

Sometimes HARDI’s Human Resources team needs the assistance of HARDI Committee members. We ask that all of HARDI’s Committees and Council members make it a priority to contribute when these issues arise.

The Human Resources Committee will be responsible for guidance on relevant content for Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Conference and Emerging Leaders programs.


All leadership positions are held for a term of 2 years. After the term, current committee members will identify possible replacements to the board from within the Supplier Membership. The current members will fill the role of nominating committee and present the possible candidates to the full membership for a vote.


Open (Nick Benton assuming role)

Vice Chair

Open (Nick Benton assuming role)



Ideal Member

HR Expert/HR Manager/Director, or someone who deals with HR related issues in their day-to-day job. Members should also have a willingness to idea-share with the group.

Membership Requirements

Being able to participate in the monthly call. All member types are accepted.

Meeting Times

Monthly phone call.


If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Nick Benton at

Interested in PARTICIPATING?

Contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328.

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