The objective of this program is to assist in the development of the next generation of HARDI executives through access to learning and networking platforms. With these platforms, Emerging Leaders can solidly develop core skills, expand networking options, associate with industry leaders, and expand their business horizons.

Sometimes HARDI’s Emerging Leaders Task Force team needs the assistance of HARDI Committee members. We ask that all of HARDI’s Committees and Council members make it a priority to contribute when these issues arise.


The chairs should be in the program for at least one year to be considered for the chair position. Current chairs will work to determine prospects for incoming chairs.


Morgan Silvey, Nidec Motor Corporation


Dave Radmand, Geary Pacific Supply


Ideal Member

The ideal committee member should be willing to contribute ideas to continue growing this program.

Membership Requirements

Need to be an active HARDI member and fit the requirements of an Emerging Leader. Must be able to attend in person events.

Meeting Times

A monthly conference call, plus in-person meeting at Annual Conference.


If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact Nick Benton at nbenton@hardinet.org.

Interested in PARTICIPATING?

Contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328.

LIST OF Committees