HARDI’s councils and subcouncils were developed to identify and address challenges facing the industry and work with HARDI management and member councils to provide knowledge-based solutions in the interest of advancing the science of wholesale distribution.

HARDI’s councils meet in-person twice annually and hold periodic conference calls throughout the year. A portion of the agenda at the Annual Conference is dedicated to meetings of each council to discuss current and future projects.

Certain forums may center on a specific operations or study that necessitates the core committee to serve by invitation. In such cases the core participants will be so identified at the meeting table. Observers are welcome to attend the meeting and may be asked to participate at the request of the meeting chairs. Unless specifically stated in advance by the chairman, council meetings are open. Members across channels are encouraged to attend and actively participate in these meetings and calls. It is here that your voice is most directly heard.

Interested in PARTICIPATING?

Contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328.

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