The goal of this committee is to provide all members an awareness and education of issues affecting the supply chain. They strive to increase supply chain efficiency by reducing redundancy in the channel and building trust through partners’ communication, electronic technologies, and e-business.

Sometimes HARDI’s Supply Chain & Operations team needs the assistance of HARDI Committee members. We ask that all of HARDI’s Committees and Council members make it a priority to contribute when these issues arise.

The Supply Chain & Operations Committee is also responsible for guiding relevant content development for the Supply Chain & Operations Focus Conference, the Annual Conference, and potentially the Emerging Leaders programs with the mission of constant improvement, innovation, and excellence within the HVACR supply chain.


Chair and Vice Chair positions are held for a term of 3-5 years. The term for other members of the team is unlimited.


Colin Dees, Johnstone Supply

Vice Chair

Mark Bray, ACR Supply

Membership Chair

Guillermo Juvera, Mitsubishi Electric



Ideal Member

Technology-oriented, passion for our industry growth, at least 5 years with extensive supply chain management experience.

Membership Requirements

Distributors, manufacturing, and service vendors are all welcome.

Meeting Times

Every other month conference call, one face-to-face per year.

Interested in PARTICIPATING?

Contact HARDI’s Membership Services team at 1.888.253.4328.

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