We frequently hear about the challenges associated with warranty processing so were thrilled to hear from a member who suggested we start a Warranty Process Manager’s Users Group.  Member’s have developed their own routines for processing warranties and service bulletins.  This member told us, “I am interested in learning best practices, finding out about what processing metrics are being tracked, and having a forum to explore strategies to tackle challenges.”


The HARDI Board of Directors approved the formation of a Warranty Processes sub-committee that will be part of the Management Methods Committee.  This group will adhere to the HARDI Anti-Trust guidelines and prohibit any mention of specific companies or the pricing of services.  This member described perfectly the objective of this new committee: “I believe that by communicating with one another we can help each other to grow within our field.”


We envision conference calls during the year with interested members as we do for our other committees.   Now that we have approval to proceed, the next step is to assemble a list of interested members!  Please click here and send me a note with your contact info if you are involved with managing or processing the warranties and service bulletins at your firm and would like to be a part of these discussions.  I will compile the list and follow-up with planning our first conference call.

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