We are in the infancy of the Trump Administration and while a flurry of action has been coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the form of Executive Orders and a temporary regulatory freeze, it is important to remember that these are temporary actions which could be reversed by a new Administration or by President Trump himself.


The reality is that changing policy takes a little time and a lot of effort. To truly cement long-term change in Washington, you must work with Congress and the Executive Branch to move the needle and getting a majority of 535 members on board with a policy is tough and made even tougher when you need to make sure the President will sign the legislation.


We know that there are a few major policy items that Congress hopes to tackle in 2017. Among them are changes to the Affordable Care Act, Tax Reform and Regulatory Reform, which includes the potential to reverse many regulatory actions undertaken by the Obama Administration. Quite simply, the agenda is going to be packed and our industry must step up to the plate and educate legislators on how these policy changes may impact our businesses.


There are a few ways that we can work to make these changes happen, but I am going to make an overt pitch to urge your participation in the HARDI Congressional Fly-In (May 23-24). This is our one opportunity to unite as an industry and educate lawmakers on our industry and what matters to us. This year is especially important because Republican control of Congress and the White House increases the likelihood that significant amounts of legislation will be moving and Congressional Leadership appears to be aiming big.


The Fly-In is scheduled to take place right in the middle of many of these discussions and we expect to have a great opportunity to influence outcomes.


The stakes are raised right now. Major policy swings don’t happen often and we have a chance to be at the table. I hope you’ll join me. If we don’t, someone else will and we may not like the outcome. 

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