By now you have been bombarded (hopefully) with communications regarding distributor recordkeeping requirements regarding the sale of single packaged air conditioners and split system condensing units which took effect on July 1st. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and sell these products in the United States, stop what you’re doing right now and go to the HARDI Advocacy site and click Regional Efficiency Standards for full details.


When we were in the process of negotiating these requirements, there seemed to be consensus that communicating the recordkeeping requirements within HARDI’s membership would be a challenge, but the bigger challenge would be the changes distributors would make to their internal processes (think sales processes, ERP Systems, etc.). These are difficult, and often expensive, hurdles to clear.


Where I believed the industry would face a huge obstacle was communicating the new recordkeeping requirements to contractors who are doing installations in the South and Southwest. Quite frankly, this is an oftentimes fragmented part of our supply chain and making sure they are aware of their responsibilities can be a challenge.


This is where HARDI can help you help your customers. We have created a website where you can easily order signage of varying sizes that distributors can place in their stores and pick-up areas to make sure that your customers are aware of what is required of them by the Department of Energy. The signs are very easy to order and you can simply drop your logo in and have them sent to your stores.


Further, we’ve added sample verbiage that can be attached to packing slips/receipts which may be useful to your business.


I don’t necessarily like these new requirements, but I understand that HARDI and its member companies have to play a role in keeping our customer base educated on what their obligations are. These signs are an easy way to serve your customers and to make sure that HARDI distributors continue to be leaders of our industry.

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