87% of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important.


Being able to connect with millennials, which I know is just the hottest topic around these days, is absolutely a challenge. I’m a millennial myself, and I can confirm there is no one-size-fits-all solution for connecting with my generation. We’re the ones who grew up with computers and the internet at our fingertips from a young age. We’ve been exposed to so much information in a wide variety, which now that I think about it, we are in fact the generation of the Age of Information.


But even still, there are some things you can do that resonate with most if not all of us, such as the aforementioned career growth opportunities. These can come primarily in the form of ongoing training and certification. Are you providing enough of those opportunities?


One of your fellow HARDI members is. In fact, this company’s employees have completed an outstanding cumulative 6,066 courses worth 1,720 credit hours in HEAT.U, HARDI’s Learning Management System, as of my writing this. Who is this?


It’s none other than HARDI President Troy Meachum’s ACR Supply based in North Carolina. Troy’s goal for HARDI in 2018 is to promote cultural changes that make our companies more attractive to younger generations as workplaces where they can build a meaningful career. It’s no question that he and ACR Supply are leading by example.


“Everyone talks about the recruitment challenge, but a key part of recruitment and retention is the onboarding process,” says Brian Moore. “HEAT.U offers an industry knowledge course load to assist with new talent, fresh to the industry, that you’ve just brought onto your team. That’s just one of many applications for HEAT.U.”


“I consider myself ‘Chief Cheerleader’ at ACR before anything else,” says Meachum. “Giving our team access to HEAT.U as a development resource is just one of the ways I can stay true to that and show that I am all about our organization’s growth through individual growth.”


If you would like to get your employees enrolled in HEAT.U courses for their professional development, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can get you all set up!


This article was published in the HARDI Spring 2018 Thermostatus Newsletter.

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