Those of you who know me personally know that I’m not shy when it comes to sharing my opinions. For example, put a banana pepper on any food and you’ve basically rendered it inedible. But I’m sure you didn’t come here for my very specific food viewpoints…


Here’s a more pertinent opinion of mine: training and development, even if it is the BEST training and development, cannot repair an employee’s bad attitude.


Nick and I frequently get member calls that touch on this scenario. What can we do for an employee who pollutes the office with their negative opinions and comments? Is the counter certification program right for them? No, we always respond. They’ll actively work against it. Well then, the member asks, when it comes to an employee with a bad attitude, what development opportunities can we recommend? Here’s our answer, almost universally: You need to hire for attitude, and develop for skills and abilities. You cannot train raw material, like attitude, into somebody.


This is a topic I am passionate about, and without fail I get fired up speaking to our members. But when the conversation is all said and done I’ve not helped our member resolve their employee’s performance problem. And the weight of this incomplete service to our members weighs on us.


Could we be doing more, to help you do more?


Training and development is one component of a set of systems designed to help you utilize people to accomplish a profit. This is called Human Capital management, and it includes all phases of an employee’s “life” with your company – job creation, recruitment, selection, development, performance management, succession and more. HARDI firmly believes that Human Capital Management, or the strategic management of employees as profit-generating resources of the company, is a key ingredient in the successful future of this industry.


You’ve come to expect exceptional training and development solutions from HARDI. But is there more we could be doing to ensure that you’re taking advantage of every possible opportunity to maximize your people resources?


Stay tuned for exciting news to come!

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