One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to compose the items for the Data Driven Newsletter (DDN). I have fun interpreting the market picture being painted by the flow of data and how it compares to the variety of expectations. Members appear to appreciate the DDN because we frequently achieve more than 3,000 opens per edition.


I’m happy to share that we’ve recently improved on the DDN by adding the column: Lessons From the Field. This column will feature an article and video link to an interview between Randy MacLean of WayPoint Analytics and a guest lecturer from one of their Advanced Profit Innovation Conferences.


The column, which launched in the last DDN, included a discussion with Benson Garner and the importance of a business model that evolves along with your industry. Future articles will include discussions with Bruce Merrifield, Brent Grover and others we know and respect.


Thank you all for your continued interest in the DDN and I look forward to continuing to bring you my interpretations of the ever-evolving market data!

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