“How’s business?” is a complicated question. We can imagine a variety of ways Distributor A or B would respond to the question “How’s business?”


While sales growth may be the oxygen of the enterprise, how expensive it is to get those sales out the door is what matters. Distributor A and B can evaluate the quality of their top line with turn-and-earn or lines per order. Profit can be evaluated by the gross profit per FTE while operating profit will be driven by the personnel expenses as a percentage of gross profit. HARDI distributors can do this through our annual benchmarking program, Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD).



Above is the CoScore page from DPD. Each participant earns a CoScore for their annual performance and can see where they rank versus other participants.


Last year a member told me, “Yeah I understand the CoScore, I just wish my score was higher!” That is why many of the 105 members who participated last year were contacting me this spring about the next survey. This service helps members see how they are doing versus others and to identify the best opportunities for operational improvement.



The CoScore is main reason we believe HARDI distributors should participate in DPD. Here is a link to a 90 second video summarizing the Top 5 Reasons to Use DPD. The annual survey is now available and the initial Survey deadline is May 2. Please click here for access to the 2017 survey.

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