It never ceases to amaze me when I hear from people who are frustrated with the way Washington and their state governments are working, but then choose to sit on the sidelines.


The majority of states have made voting easier than ever — we can debate whether that actually benefits the process or not — yet millions of people often choose not to exercise their vote at the ballot box.


It probably doesn’t surprise you that I don’t miss out on voting in elections. What may surprise you is that occasionally I abstain from voting in a particular race. For instance, if I don’t believe either candidate meets my standards or if someone is unopposed and I don’t agree with their views, I think that’s fine, because there are countless other races that I do exercise my vote on.


I just find it hard to believe, that people can’t find ONE race which would compel them to the polls.


More frustrating are people who opt to not vote altogether. I understand life gets in the way sometimes, but registering is as easy as it’s ever been and to make it even more convenient for you HARDI has recently rolled out a project called HARDI Votes.


Not registered to vote? Click the link and find out how.


Interested in learning about some of the candidates running? This page has you covered.


Need to know how absentee voting works? We’ve got that, too.


Everything you need to do to help you, your co-workers, family, neighbors, ghosts (looking at you Cook Co.) is here for you. Is there something we’re missing? Let us know!


Someone once told me we get the candidates we deserve. If you believe we deserve better at all levels of government, then the first thing we need to do is make sure you can exercise the one check we have on government, the vote.

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