As featured in the previous, inaugural Thermostatus newsletter, the HARDI community is no stranger to coming together for a good cause. We see this materialize in how many HARDI members are jumping on board with and continue to get involved in our efforts with Homes For Our Troops. But more recently, we’ve seen many of you heed the call again in support of those in our community who have been affected by these natural disasters that hit over the past month, and in such a fantastic way.


In response to the Hurricane Harvey flood damage within the greater Houston area and outreach from some of our affected members, we established the HARDI Unity page on our website. Here we housed information for various fundraising campaigns set up by Houston-area HARDI members for their employees in need of a helping hand, including some who lost their entire homes in the aftermath.


People in the south and southeast will be recovering for months and possibly years to come. But you as a community jumped in immediately, and helped completely eclipse these fundraising goals on these relief campaigns.


“Despite the utter devastation from Hurricane Harvey and the long road to recovery that still lies ahead, the outpouring of support from HARDI members and the industry in general has been tremendously heartwarming and encouraging,” said Century A/C Supply’s Renata Morgan. “The generosity, sincere concern, and calls, emails, and texts from fellow members were a bright spot during some dark days and we simply cannot put into words how much we appreciate the response. In the immediate aftermath, Texans came together to show that the only thing bigger than our state (and our air conditioners) is our hearts: I think the same applies to HARDI members.”


Thank you to everyone who made a donation, and if there are any other fundraisers out there we might have missed or if anyone would like to get involved in another great cause in our Operation: HVAC for HFOT, please do not hesitate to give your HARDI team a call.


This article was published in the HARDI Fall 2017 Thermostatus Newsletter.

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