Navigating the evolution of technology has always been a challenge. Successful application of new capabilities is the key ingredient to economic survival, and for a few, success. No matter your age, you can think of examples of companies that are no longer around because they failed to adapt. My favorite example is the Blockbuster video rental stores. There was a time not that long ago when millions of American families would race to the New Releases section of one of their 9,000 stores on Friday nights. Times they are a changin’ – are you?


We don’t need to drive to the various video rental stores anymore, hoping to find the key ingredient for a perfect evening in their inventory. We can dial that up on any of our mobile devices. Just like your customers do not have to drive around to see where they can find the key ingredient for a perfect job completion. They just use their mobile device to find what they need, confident that their order is waiting for them when they arrive. Anything less and you are an economic dinosaur on your way to being Blockbusted.


blockbusterMany HARDI suppliers and distributors are making investments to fight for their survival while others are waiting for the choices to be clearer. Navigating these options is only clear with 20/20 hindsight. The great challenge of applying technology effectively is the shelf life. Some decisions will only be an effective defense for another year or two. The only thing clear and certain is extinction if one does not adapt.


Last year we began to investigate the various options being used to integrate mobile technology and see if we could provide some illumination to the evolutionary trail. This journey included a presentation to HARDI’s Supplier Committee at our annual conference in Orlando, and a proof-of-concept test this summer. We intend to share some of those insights at our conference in Colorado Springs this December. To support that presentation, we request that you complete a brief assessment survey.


Barney was the only cute dinosaur that ever existed, and even he did not persist for long. Members will receive this survey on Wednesday, October 19, and we need your response one week later by Tuesday, October 25. Please complete this survey to help us illuminate the evolutionary path and increase your chances for survival by investing in a solution with extended shelf life. We learned fascinating stuff this summer and this survey will provide context and validity to the findings we are presenting later this year. We expect this brief survey to be an annual event, so this is a crucial baseline in our battle for survival.

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