Dashboards (DPD) tool is the next generation of distributor performance analysis. This tool will help distributor members protect your profitability and maximize the resources available for customer service.

After completing a survey (about an hour), participating members have access to a confidential report comparing their operating performance to the median results and high performing members across an extensive array of performance ratios.


Participant’s data is temporarily unavailable while we implement a system upgrade. Please contact Brian Loftus if you need specific historic data or have questions about this transition.


This video briefly explains the importance of the DPD and how to use the seven Core Dashboards to give your business the checkup it needs, whether your goal is to be a top-quartile performer or to just survive the next five years.

The typical distributor has pre-tax margins near 3%. In this world where little things mean a lot, DPD helps participants identify where their performance differs from the mean and investigate why. Operational improvement is a continuous function at all quality distributors. DPD helps to prioritize functional areas, accelerate improvements, and devise plans to achieve realistic goals.