If you can’t measure it, you can’t assess or improve it. HARDI Benchmarking is about advancing the science of distribution and optimizing performance in a world of relentless pressure on profit margins.

HARDI Benchmarking strives to advance and improve channel relations and efficiencies by enabling distributors and their suppliers to better forecast demand and opportunities, and more accurately assess performance.


Monthly | Included for all members

  • Captures HVACR industry related news and data
  • Assists members with decision making and strategic planning
  • Provides insights from Market Research and Benchmarking Analyst Brian Loftus, with guest contributions from our consultant partners

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Monthly | Included for TRENDS Participants and Premier Members

  • The industry’s only HVACR distribution sales report • Broken down by geographic region and annual sales volume
  • The TRENDS analysis presentation, by HARDI Market Research & Benchmarking Analyst Brian Loftus, accompanies the report and highlights variables influencing the report and the relevance to recent historic results
  • HARDI member data gathered by CoMetrics includes: Sales growth for the month and the last twelve months, days-sales-outstanding, sales-per-employee
  • Available at no charge to distributor members who complete the monthly sales survey

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Quarterly, Monthly | Included for TRENDS Participants, Premier Members or for purchase

  • Quarterly Forecast and Monthly Economic Report
  • Reports describing the current environment and economic outlook for each of our seven economic regions
  • Quarterly forecasts per region for residential and non-residential construction
  • Compilation of lead economic indicators per state
  • Available at no charge to distributor members who complete the monthly sales survey

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Quarterly | Participating Distributors

  • Detailed relative performance analysis of a participant’s equipment sales versus their state, or region, or the national market
  • Sales analysis of ducted or ductless heat pumps, ducted or ductless air conditioners, furnaces, or boilers
  • Sales analysis of each equipment line by their efficiency level
  • Participants see Monthly performance per product line and efficiency level for their state, region, or the national market, since 2013
  • Available at no charge to distributor members who report their equipment sales

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Semi-Annually | Included for TRENDS Participants, Premier Members or for purchase

  • Presented by Stephen Tusa of JP Morgan
  • Presentation and interpretation of market events and outlook
  • Includes webinar, replay, and 250+ page report seven regions with specifics
  • Interactive: Ample time for open discussion and questions

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Annual Opt-In (web-based tool) | Participating Distributors

  • The annual benchmarking tool is a check-up on your business
  • DPD answers how well you are performing, and identifies where you have the most room for improvement
  • The data persists so members can see how their performance is evolving for all metrics, and they have ability to backfill their performance by completing historic surveys
  • The data is easy to print or export to Excel
  • Available at no charge to distributor members who complete the historic surveys

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Opt-In Every 2 Years | Participating Distributors, For Purchase

  • Determine where your compensation plan stands within the industry and compared to other companies in distribution
  • Prove your compensation is “reasonable” within the constraints of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Provide HARDI with the necessary data to best respond to legislative proposals regarding government-mandated health and leave benefits for employees
  • 20+ specific job titles, 100+ local markets across the U.S.

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Ongoing Use (printable tool) | Included for all Members

  • Standardizes units of measure and definitions to effectively calculate industry benchmarks
  • Provides basis for dialogues between distributors and suppliers
  • Move the vendor-buyer relationship from transactional to one built upon measurable objectives
  • Improve operating efficiencies and create value throughout the distribution channel

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