HARDI’s Proven Vendor Program has been implemented in order to provide members with a peer reviewed selection of vendors that have proven themselves and their businesses with other HARDI members.

Any HARDI Service Vendor Member can apply for the program. To apply, we need some information before you can be considered for the program.

  • Company contact information
  • HARDI member reference (a member you have done business with)
  • An exclusive member discount
  • Case study of work you have done within the industry

If interested in joining HARDI’s Proven Vendor Program please fill out this form and send to HARDI’s Marketing Committee Liaison Chris DeBoer.


DDI System

DDI System drives daily operations for more than 950 wholesale distributors in North America. DDI’s Inform ERP Software optimizes distribution operations with streamlined inventory, financial management and insightful performance analytics. Plus, Inform combines the power of embedded CRM and seamless eCommerce to serve the new breed of empowered buyers to set you apart from the competition. Visit for more information.

Contact: Barbara Jagoe | | 203.364.1200

Johnstone Supply Springfield, MA/Chicopee, MA
Jess Hill
Members can receive a 5% discount on software purchase price, less discounts, not including licensing fees. Only on new customer contracts, good only on software not on services of ongoing subscription fees.
Take a look at DDI System’s case study here. 


Sales-i is a leading sales performance tool that makes every customer interaction more personal & profitable. Sales-i achieves this by integrating your back office data with your customer data to give you full visibility of your customers with proactive alerts.

Contact: Alex Witcpalek | | 630-251-7480

A/C Supply
Bryan Boyd
HARDI members will receive:

  • 5% discount on their monthly subscription
  • Optional onsite training at no cost (customer pays travel expenses)
Check out how sales-i has helped Michigan Temperature Supply improve sales forecast abilities in their case study here.


FTL Finance

HVAC consumer financing that removes the barriers to financing for contractors. Easy, simple registrations and programs.
Contact: Melissa Hyatt | | 314-249-3614

cfm Distributors
Lauren Roberts
  • Customized financing program for distributors
  • 36-month buy down to 9.95% with a 5% dealer cost
  • Customizable marketing program for distributors to promote financing
  • Custom promotions


Elite Rewards

Elite Rewards builds and manages customer and employee rewards programs that produce incremental revenue and profit.

Contact: John Cone | | 636.875.0524

Bob Engel, Jr.

Up to 5% annual discount for active members who use our services.

See what Elite Rewards could do for your business here.


mta360 offers powerful products in the digital space that will drive quality leads to your business. Our marketing campaigns and strategies consist of search engine optimization, website authority building, pay per click, online and mobile advertising services, website development, APP development, legacy/conventional advertising, and dealer training. mta360 provides proven & documents results for numerous clients nationwide.

Contact: Jack Nagy | | 480.882.1799

Standard Air & Lite Corp
Chris Belculfine
10% off products and services for members (limits may apply, please contact for details)
See how mta360 could help your business here.

On Hold Marketing

Putting telephone calls from contractors On Hold?  Since 1989 our HVACR copywriters and in-house production studios have been crafting custom designed SalesMaker On Hold messages that encourage contractors to hold longer, increase HVACR product sales and enrollment in training and incentive programs.

Contact: Dan Bryant | | 800-342-0098

Aireco Supply, Inc.
Dan Hinchman | Shelena Fleming
Good for Existing and New On Hold Marketing customers:

  • 50% discount on Automated Attendant Announcements
  • 50% discount on 1 additional program change
  • Free Holiday On Hold Messages
View OnHold Marketing’s case study with Aireco Supply here.

Towsleys Inc.

Towsleys is a nationally recognized leader in providing branded clothing, promotional products, gifts and service awards. Also, unique capabilities for designing and sourcing of headwear.

Contact: Bill Niedermeyer |  | 920-482-1127


Aireco Supply
Tina Hinchman
Monthly specials or custom product opportunities.
Current Special
Take a look at Towsley’s case study here.

Triggerpoint Media

TriggerPoint Media is a full-service marketing partner providing end to end Digital Signage, On Hold Messaging and Data iQ; a proprietary dashboard measuring and delivering sales and marketing insights with the ability to trigger promotions on digital signage networks for HVAC distributors.

Contact: Tama Williamson | | 512.381.5551

ABCO Refrigeration Supply
Bob Cesiro

HARDI Members will receive a 10% discount off standard Service Agreement pricing.


Ask us how to receive yours today!

View Triggerpoint’s case study here. 



KDL is a full service logistics solutions provider that provides services midsized and large manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. KDL uses economies of scale to provide mid-market and upper mid-market companies the technology, visibility tools and buying power typically reserved for Fortune 100 companies. HARDI members credit KDL for significantly cutting costs, driving efficiencies and finding optimization opportunities they would not have been able to otherwise.

Conklin Metal
Smith Cooley
KDL has put together a transactional freight discount program for HARDI members who’s transportation spend doesn’t dictate the need for the full breadth of sophisticated logistics services KDL provides through their regular approach. This program provides steep discounts with the top less-than-truckload motor carriers in the country that allows them to take advantage of much more aggressive rates than they could get on their own. This program does not have any minimum shipment requirements and is an quick and easy way to drive down freight costs.
View KDL’s case study here. 


Profit2 is a Profit Optimization company that enables distributors to safely increase margin. We improve how pricing systems are structured and enable sales people to make better pricing decisions.

Contact: Paul Parsons | | 913.439.9705 website

Universal Supply Group, Inc
John Hildebrandt
HARDI members will receive a complimentary Benchmark Pricing Analysis ($5,000 Value). This analysis will help you compare how you price vs. similar distributors on key metrics. See how your margin compares by type of sale, by customer and product type. Identify where you can safely increase margin. This HARDI member analysis is comprehensive and includes:

  • Analysis of Sales & Margin by branch, sales person, product and customer type Specific profit opportunity examples
  • How to protect your business while increasing margin
  • Where you can lower your costs
  • How to gain the support of your sales team for margin improvement
  • A forecast of how much margin you can gain and where
Take a look at Profit2’s case study with O’Connor Company here. 

Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is a non-profit stewardship organization financially supported by 31 manufacturers who historically branded TRC will waive its initial participation fee for new HARDI members that are not and sold mercury thermostats in the United States. TRC maintains a network of more than 3,600 collection sites nationwide and has recovered more than 2.4 million thermostats since its inception. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury switch thermostats recovered from service.

Contact: Ryan Kiscaden | | 267-513-1727 website

Johnstone Supply
Jeff Schultz
TRC will waive its initial participation fee for new HARDI members that sold mercury thermostats in the United States. Contact Ryan Kiscaden at
Check out their case study here. 

Thrive Technologies

Thrive Technologies increases inventory profitability for multi-location wholesale distributors, master distributors, and retailers with its award-winning cloud based demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and inventory optimization software and services. Thrive’s systems provide industry leading accuracy of projected demand at the SKU and aggregate levels which cuts out of stocks and lost sales by 50%.  Thrive provides a unique goal oriented methodology that systematically increases its clients’ fill rates and inventory turns.

Contact: Rick Morris | | 770-222-8599 x106

Williams Distributing
Jeff Beaton

HARDI members receive a 10% discount and a free inventory profit analysis.

Check out the case study here.

Trinity Warranty

Trinity Warranty sells extended service agreements (ESAs) to the HVAC industry, providing parts, labor or parts and labor coverage for all brands and sizes of equipment.

Contact: Rich Danchisin | | 630.292.6544

Gustave A. Larson
Steve Casper
10% discount to new customers for the first 90 days after account opening.



Join the FieldEdge Affiliate program to improve your customer retention and expand your customer base. FieldEdge is the only flat-rate pricing and work order management mobile app for dealers. Plus, after price recovery, FieldEdge is zero-cost. Including FieldFront as a part of your value-add attracts more customers with very little investment in marketing and training.

Contact: Tom D’Amico | | 585-500-4180

Sid Harvey
John Rynecki

Distributor Incentive Program:

  • $15 for each dealer signup
  • $50 for each dealer conversion
  • $.05 – $.10 per work order run through Coolfront for the two years after a dealer signs up

Parts Ordering:

Upload your parts catalog to FieldEdge so your customers can order replacement parts directly from you through the app. Initial parts ordering setup fee is $99, a 60% savings for only HARDI members.

See FieldEdge’s case study here. 


Moblico provides independently owned wholesalers marketing technology to compete in the mobile digital age.

Services include:

  • Targeted Data Segmentation
  • Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Website Development
  • eCommerce and Mobile Payments
  • Text, Email and Push Engagement
  • Location and Beacon Marketing
  • Social Media Retargeting Marketing
  • eCommerce and ERP Integration

Contact: Pierre Barbeau | | 913-219-4604

cfm Distributors Inc.
Lauren Roberts
HARDI Members will receive a 10% discount off standard Service Agreement pricing.
Ask us how to receive yours today!
See how mobile rewards improve service & sales in this case study.


ProKeep is texting designed for distributors.

Save time and increase accountability by allowing your customers to text orders and pictures directly to the counter using your existing landline number. Our simple to use tool can be set up quickly and with the familiarity of texting, it’s possible to see 10-15% of orders via text within the first couple of months.

Contact: Jack Carrere | | 504-233-9566

Comfort Supply, Inc.
David Sosna
615-724-0274 ext. 5911
HARDI Members will receive a 5% discount.
See how texting could improve your order processing in this case study.

Schmitt ProiTools Inc.

Schmitt ProfiTools, Inc. is a marketing services company with over 27 years in the industry. We provide an end-to-end eCommerce solution that includes not only a Best-In-Market webstore, but also robust content to populate the webstore. We also provide an optional mobile platform and truck replenishment program all of which are integrated with your current ERP system.

Contact: Jen Schmitt | | 314-872-9199

Johnstone Supply – The Ware Group
Sean Ince
904.565.2074 ext. 1504
We would like to offer HARDI members discounted Content and Catalog Creation Services.

SPI creates product content across multiple vendors with 100% coverage of the distributor’s/wholesaler’s products, including detailed specs, selling descriptions, attributed data, and high-quality images. The content is completed and provided in a fully laid-out catalog ready for print and for any other initiatives, including SPI’s eCommerce Web Storefront.

  • Normal costs: Our catalog price is base (currently $16,000) plus $1.75 per SKU.
  • HARDI costs: We will reduce the per SKU charge to $1.50 plus the base.
  • HARDI costs: We will also reduce the monthly license fees of our base module for the first year from $430 per month to $400 per month. (Licensing fees are $215 per month for subsequent years.)


HMI Performance Incentives

HMI combines innovative strategies and seamless execution to create successful incentive programs for manufacturers, distributors, resellers and service companies. From global customer loyalty programs to upscale incentive trips, we offer customized, turnkey solutions to elevate your business success.

Contact: Contact: Agnes Fotino | | 781.680.0264

Refrigeration Sales Corporation
Doug Wight
Free Envisioning Deliverable with Revenue Projections, Budget Modeling, and Data Analytics setup.
$10,000 Value
View HMI’s case study here.

IME Connect

Incentives – Meetings – Events.  Companies trust us to help strategically plan and execute incentive trips to compelling destinations that recognize their best of class customers and dealers as well as top employees.

Contact: Steve Some | | 973-753-9214

The Corken Steel Products Company
Jeff Corken
HARDI Members will receive a $1,000.00 rebate on their trip when booking their first event with IME Connect! This is for any HARDI member currently not using IME Connect.
Check out IME’s case study here.